Cancelling Idealstack

If you decide to cancel your account with Idealstack, a few things will happen:

  • You'll no longer be able to login to the Idealstack system to manage your hosting
  • Autoscale will stop working on your hosting stack
  • You'll lose access to updates to the Idealstack hosting containers (meaning you won't get OS updates including security updates anymore)

What wont happen: your hosting stack on AWS isn't deleted automatically.  It will remain there and continue to function (without the features mentioned above).  This gives you time to migrate away, although you shouldn't leave it too long - without the OS updates your exposing yourself to security risk.

You'll still be charged by AWS for the resources in this hosting stack for as long as it's still active.

What if you want to destroy the hosting stack as well?

See the process in Deleting a stack in the online help

What if I want to keep the hosting stack and customise it?

Your welcome to use what's on your AWS account as a basis to create your own stuff from, but that may not be the best approach. You'll need to replace the hosting containers and autoscale with your own implementation as that's our IP, plus reverse engineer what we've done.

FYI: Idealstack can provides services around this, for instance giving you a custom template on the idealstack system or managing a cloudformation stack to your specifications.  Contact Us if you are interested in that