Up and running on AWS in minutes not months

Harness the power of AWS for hosting PHP-based websites and apps.

Idealstack is a powerful hosting console that creates a modern, best-practice, AWS-native hosting cluster for PHP-based code in your AWS account


Easy to Use

Easy to get started

Idealstack works like the hosting consoles that PHP developers are used to. So you won’t need to retrain everybody to use AWS. You can deploy a cluster to AWS in a few clicks.

With Idealstack PHP developers don’t need to change their workflow to use AWS, don't need to keep up with OS security updates, and keep using the tools they are used to like SFTP, SSH and easy database management

How does idealstack work?

But with all

The Power of AWS


Idealstack doesn’t just install PHP on an AWS instance. You could do that yourself, you would miss out on most of the power of AWS.

Instead it manages a best-practice AWS hosting cluster built out of 20+ native AWS services like EC2, RDS, ECS with multiple servers, autoscaling and unlimited scalability. The kind of infrastructure that Google, Amazon or Netflix run, but without needing months to build it and dozens of engineers to run it.

How does idealstack work?

For Startups

Host your app on idealstack, and shortcut all the Devops work needed to get up and running.  Idealstack automatically cluster-enables any PHP code- including Laravel, Zend, Symfony or CakePHP.

Focus on building your MVP and shipping working code, not worrying about servers.


How idealstack helps startups

For Website Developers & Digital Agencies

Use Idealstack to build your own private hosting platform on  AWS.  You can host as many websites as you want and provide them a 'premium' service including multiple-server clusters, autoscaling and high-availability, plus the ability to add-in any other AWS service, without having to retrain your team

How idealstack helps web developers

For Enterprise Hosting

Host  an ecommerce site or some other 'mission critical' PHP app?  Idealstack provides customizable hosting that provides high reliability, performance and low cost, and you can "plug in" the rest of the AWS platform to provide almost any feature imaginable.  But it is also easy to use and runs entirely in infrastructure that you control.

How idealstack provides premium hosting

AWS Best Practices

Unlike most other tools for hosting PHP on AWS, Idealstack doesn't just configure a single EC2 instance to provide the same crappy hosting that we've all grown used to, just now on AWS.

It creates your own private, best-practice, autoscaling cluster that can you can scale up or down with the click of a button to handle any load or any number of sites.

Because Idealstack runs it's hosting inside your own AWS account, you can then connect your sites to any other AWS service you need.

Because Idealstack provides secure shared hosting you can run as many sites as you want on your hosting cluster.


AWS Best Practices
  • Self-healing clusters across multiple availability zones
  • Autoscaling based on demand
  • Built from native AWS services - Cloudformation, RDS, ECS
  • Managed OS Security Updates

How Idealstack implements AWS best practices

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Familiar ways of working

Connect with SFTP and SSH, manage databases with PHPMyadmin.   Everything works the way that PHP developers expect it to, but under the hood: sessions are automatically stored in DynamoDB, email sent with SES, and autoscaling happens automatically.

Any App

Run any PHP based app: Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, Joomla, even legacy code. Idealstack abstracts away the complexity of AWS and lets these platforms run without any major modifications or config changes.

Autoscale from small to massive

Use autoscaling to make your site able to scale up to handle massive load, while only paying for what you use

Cloud Native

  Idealstack integrates over 20 AWS services to give you a best-practice AWS hosting stack.  You can plug-in any other AWS service you want.  Need a cache? Plugin elasticache. A CDN? Use cloudfront. A search engine? use cloudsearch. And so on through over a hundred other AWS services providing everything from machine learning to IOT

Modern, Secure Hosting with managed OS updates

We configure PHP to run in a modern & secure way - from running everything in fault-tolerant cluster with no single points of failure, to using containers to isolate sites from each other.

When there is an OS security update, Idealstack ships new hosting containers that automatically update.  So there's no need need to manage OS updates yourself

Your infrastructure

The services that run your sites live in your AWS infrastructure. You can tweak them however you want, or make them as big or as small as you want.  You're in control.

Need to know more? Just ask us

Idealstack has been an invaluable technology partner for us in our start-up journey.

It’s allowed us to focus 100% on delivering valuable analysis and content to our customers, instead of wasting time on devops.

It’s allowed us to scale and release much quicker than we predicted because it’s saved us so much time!

Jason Raymund
Orion Partners

With Idealstack we leverage the full-power of AWS to deliver a scalable hosting stack for our clients. It handles the heavy lifting of automating server management for us and lets us focus on our product.

We love it!

Matthew Jones
CTO Champion Digital

Get Started with Idealstack for free

Connect Idealstack to your AWS account and give it a go.  Idealstack can run within the limitations of the AWS Free Tier so if you aren't on AWS yet, signup now and trial it for free. 

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