Upload files to your site using the web based file manager

Idealstack includes a web based file manager to make it extra easy to upload and edit files

  1. Go to the Connect tab
  2. Click the File Manager tab
  3. The web file manager will load in a new tab



Upload files to your site over SFTP

One of the major benefits of Idealstack is that it offers a standard approach to uploading files & code to your site.  You can do this in any tool that supports SFTP

Finding SFTP connection details

  1. Click on the site you want to connect to : on the settings tab ensure you have an SSH key.  If you don't currently have one see Setting up an SSH key
  2. Go to the Connect tab
  3. SFTP connection details are in the section Connect to SFTP to upload/edit files. Depending on your operating system and SFTP client you might be able to connect just by clicking the link:



If you see this message, you still need to upload an SSH key