Create a database and user

There's lots of ways to interact with databases in idealstack, but most people will want to use the idealstack GUI.   And the most common thing you need to do to get up and running is to create a new database and user/password for a new application you are installing on a site on your stack.

How to do it

  1. Go to the site for which you want to create the new database
  2. Click on the 'Connect' tab
  3. In the Connect to the database section click Database manager
  4. In the database manager, click Create Database
  5. Enter a name for your database and save
  6. On the next screen, choose PRIVILEGES
  7. Click CREATE USER
  8. Enter a Username and Password.  Leave 'Server' on it's default of '%' .  Make sure you take a note of the password you use as you will need it later.  Leave 'hashed' unchecked
  9. Set the Privileges you need.  It's always a good idea to select the minimum possible.  For most cases of installing an app though you probably need almost everything.  Don't check 'All Privileges' as this doesn't work on some mariadb/mysql versions on RDS.  Don't check 'Grant Option' (you don't want this user to be able to create further new users).  And if you see it don't check 'Delete  version rows' (you can't do this on an RDS instance)