Idealstack’s pricing scales with you

Idealstack's pricing is built to scale like AWS does.  You pay for what you actually use, rather than trying to anticipate your needs in advance. 



Group 23 (1).png


Per Month
plus AWS costs*


  • Single Availability Zone
  • A single  instance and 1 database server
  • Self-healing if instances crash, but no redundancy or failover
  • suitable for up to 3 low-medium traffic sites or apps
  • Great for development or small sites
  • Can scale up to higher plans at any time




Group 22 (1).png


Per Month
plus AWS costs*


  • A single stack in 1 region
  • Clusters of up to four instances (including autoscale instances created on-demand)
  • Self-healing and failover
  • Multiple Availability Zones
  • Autoscaling
  • Unlimited sites or apps




Group 24.png


Per Month
plus AWS costs*


  • Includes three stacks, create as many more as you'd like for $29/stack
  • Self-healing and failover
  • Multiple Availability Zones, multiple countries
  • Autoscaling
  • Unlimited sites or apps
* Amazon Web Services will charge you for the AWS resources you use.
All prices are in US dollars.

What plan should I choose?

Idealstack is designed to scale, so it can handle both small and large needs easily.  We've put together some examples below of common stacks for different needs

If you are:


  • A startup, with a single app,
    that wants a ‘future proof’ stack that you can scale up later but doesn’t cost too much right now
  • You just want to do a small-scale trial of hosting on AWS for minimal cost

Choose this:


Group 36.png

  • single t2.micro instance (1GB Ram, 1 VCPU)
  • single-az database server
  • suitable for 1-3 apps

Monthly Costs:


  Idealstack Minimal $10/m


  AWS Resources approx $50/m


Total $60/m


From $10/m for your first year with AWS with the Free tier

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  • You need a modern, best-practice, fault tolerant, autoscaling cluster with multiple servers in independent datacenters (“Availability Zones”)

Group 37.png

  • two t3.medium instances (4GB Ram, 2 VCPU)  in different AZ's
  • autoscale more instances as needed
  • multi-az database server
  • ALB load balancer

  Idealstack Starter$79/m


  AWS Resources approx $120/m


Total $199/m



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  • You have multiple high value websites and want to give each it’s own dedicated stack
  • You want to have independent testing, staging and live environments
  • You need hosting in multiple AWS regions worldwide
    See supported regions

Group 38.png

Unlimited clusters in different regions:

For each cluster:

  • two instances in different AZ's
  • autoscale more instances as needed
  • multi-az database server
  • ALB load balancer


 Professional Plan $159/m


  AWS Resources approx $120/m





approx per cluster


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  • Unique requirements?
  • Want to discuss it with someone first?
  • We can customise, advise on AWS architectures or put together bulk pricing
  • talk to us!

How do I sign up?

Start with a free trial to verify that Idealstack is what you want. If you’ve got questions let us know, we’d be happy to schedule a chat or answer questions over email at

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How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time, and the cancellation will take effect at the end of that billing month. We don’t beleive in locking people into long-term contracts, if our service no longer suits you we’d rather you were free to find one that did.

Since Idealstack sets up resources in your AWS account, you should cleanup when you cancel How to cleanup the resources Idealstack creates

What about my AWS fees?

You pay AWS directly. Idealstack doesn’t act as a middleman or mark-up your AWS fees like other platforms do. AWS pricing is entirely usage based so it will vary based on your needs. You can reduce your costs by taking advantage of AWS reserved instances

How to manage and reduce your AWS costs