Resell or refer Idealstack

The idealstack system gives users a way to run a simple, easy to use, secure and managed hosting platform on their own AWS infrastructure.

If you're an AWS consultant, you've probably found that it's difficult to sell AWS to PHP-based Startups, Digital Agencies or for Enterprise Hosting.  The usual model of creating a single complete AWS infrastructure for each of their clients costs too much.  Idealstack does cost-effective shared hosting, which works how PHP developers expect and doesn't require retraining you're clients teams, but in an AWS-native way.  You can still integrate any other AWS service you want.

If you're a PHP developer providing services for clients - you can provide them hosting based on Idealstack and charge a premium for it's high-end fault-tolerance and autoscaling features.

If you'd rather setup Idealstack for your clients but get them to pay for it themselves, we will pay you 20% of what the client pays us.  If you want to resell Idealstack or setup your client's hosting within your own AWS account, you can charge them whatever you want.  Just contact us first so we can get you setup.

Why AWS?

AWS is perfect for webhosting - only pay for what you need, scale to as big as you want, and access over 100 different AWS web services giving you huge scope to customise your offering to what your clients need.  

  • Using Autoscaling, you can allow sites to scale from very small up to massive, automatically and based on demand.  
  • Fault tolerant, high availability hosting - automatically failover, add and remove instances as needed, start small and scale as big as you need
  • CDN, Redis or Memcached, WAF, DDoS protection, ElasticSearch and many more features can be added with the click of a few buttons
  • AWS is on the cutting edge of tech, adding new services all the time for things like AI, Big Data, Mobile & IOT.  You can plug these into your web hosting straight away
  • Access wholesale pricing - many other hosting companies are using AWS and then marking it up to sell it to you, so cut out the middleman

In the past it used to be too hard for most web developers to use AWS.  No more, we've solved it!

Why Idealstack?

Idealstack connects to your AWS account and creates and manages a powerful modern hosting cluster.  You pay AWS directly for server resources you use, and have full control over your own hosting.  We're not reselling AWS to you, we're enabling you to use it yourself.

With Idealstack - you develop your PHP app just like any PHP developer is used to working - write your code locally, then deploy it over SFTP.  Upload your database, and that's all you need to do.  You don't need to change how you work to use Idealstack, and all modern PHP apps work natively without modifications.

Idealstack provides "premium" hosting - features like autoscale, clustering, fault-tolerance and high availability are things your clients will pay you extra for.  That extra recurring revenue from hosting can build into a seriously profitable revenue stream.

You can also mix in "small" clients that aren't paying you much, and control what resources they can access.  The ability to do both on one platform saves your team having to deal with a multitude of hosting providers and the hassle of moving sites around as they grow.

Read more about how Idealstack works

All the flexibility of AWS

The beauty of using Idealstack & AWS together is that you have all the power of AWS at your disposal.  So one day, if you need it, you can do things that neither you or we even considered.  No other hosting system out there can match this flexibility.

Here's just a few examples:

  1. Use your client's log data to create metrics, dashboards and alerts with the click of a few buttons using CloudWatch.  You can create metrics around 500 errors, 404 errors, bandwidth consumed per client and many more things we haven't thought of yet
  2. Connect AWS Shield or AWS WAF to provide better security to websites
  3. Connect AWS Cloudfront to provide a CDN
  4. Use ElasticCache to provide Redis or Memcached for caching
  5. Use ElasticSearch to improve your sites search.
  6. Create Alexa skills that interact with your client's websites
  7. Use the AWS API's yourself to enhance the Idealstack system in ways we never imagined
  8. Do something incredible with AI or big-data that no-ones even thought of yet!

There's many many more, that's the point - you have absolute freedom to develop new services and solutions out of AWS tools, something you can never get on any other type of hosting.  This is our real killer feature - no-one can match it!

You don't have to retrain your team or rewrite your apps

Unlike most other ways that you could run a website on AWS, Idealstack works like a normal PHP hosting console.    If your team are capable of using tools like Cpanel or Plesk, or hosting providers like Godaddy, they're capable of using Idealstack with little or no training.  Idealstack can be a drop-in replacement for your existing systems or can co-exist alongside them, without providing another confusing tool for your team to work with.

Idealstack transparently maps standard PHP code so that it can automatically run on an autoscaling, highly available cluster.   It solves a lot of the "hard problems" of running PHP in a clustered environment.   In most cases you don't need to modify your code to run on idealstack, and even if you do it's an easy change.



//How do I use highly-available sessions across my cluster using DynamoDB?
// It happens automatically, just use normal PHP session functions:
$_SESSION['Normal Session Stuff'] = 'Easy!';

//How do I send email using AWS's Simple Email Service?
// Just use normal PHP mail functions:
    "Here's an email through SES!",
    "Just sent you this with the normal PHP mail command");

//How do I read and write files on a highly-available clustered file store?
// Just use normal PHP file IO:
$file_contents = file_get_contents("myfile.txt");
file_put_contents("myfile.txt", "How easy was that");

//How do I connect to a clustered, highly available mysql-compatible database?
// Idealstack sets all this up for you, including the alias 'database' for your 
// db hostname:
$mysqli = new mysqli('database', 'your_user', 'your_pass', 'your_db');

//How do I compress and minify the output of my PHP app to get higher performance
//  and google rank?
// mod_pagespeed does it automatically:
echo "<!-- Do nothing, it happens automatically with google's mod_pagespeed -->";

//How do I make my app autoscale?
// It'll happen automatically:
$todo = null;

Efficient, secure and affordable shared hosting

Almost all the ways of hosting PHP on AWS work by creating a single instance (or cluster of instances) per application or website. Idealstack provides shared hosting - multiple sites and applications can run on one AWS cluster. 

Containerization technology is used to isolate the sites from one another so the can't interfere with each other and if one is hacked it can't then compromise the rest. 

Idealstack's unique autoscaling technology can then spread these sites out in the most efficient way across your cluster and autoscale them independently.

Affordable hosting "for the masses" with premium options for your special clients

Idealstack can run many sites per server cluster; it doesn't require you to to create a unique hosting environment for each client.  This is key to supporting "regular" webhosting, rather than just providing an option for massive sites willing to pay thousands each month in hosting.  However unlike many shared hosting systems, Idealstack runs each site in an secure private container, providing isolation and security from other sites.

You can limit small low-volume sites to one hosting container instance, but for larger "premium" customers - allow them to autoscale so when they get a lot of hits their site spreads out accross more servers to handle the load.  This is a premium service that you can charge them appropriately for, make this a feature of your higher end hosting plans and don't forget that in the past this might have cost them more than a thousand dollar a month.  Do it all in a single hosting cluster with economies of scale, an affordable cost, and no need for your team to learn and manage two different systems.