About Us

Idealstack are a tight team of IT professionals based in Auckland, New Zealand.  We serve customers throughout the world, with a particular focus on North America, Australia and Oceania

We all come from a background working in digital agencies and website development and hosting, so we know the challenges that our customers face.  We're passionate about building solutions that let web developers, digital agencies and anyone else hosting websites access the latest technology.

What it's like to work with us?

If you've never dealt with Kiwi's before, you should know a little about us.  We speak English as a first language (or, at least, roughly speaking ).  New Zealand is actually prounounced 'Nu Zilind', because that's how we talk, we don't have the time to pronounce syllables because we're too busy doing amazing things. 

We have a can-do, practical attitude to getting things done with whatever tools are at hand.  We're known for our sense of humour.  Contrary to popular opinion we don't like sheep as much as some might claim, but we are fond of them.    We also actually aren't the same country as Australia (which is pronounced 'straya'), even if our flags are pretty similar.