Over the last month we've released a lot of great new features in Idealstack


Multiple ALB's : Larger Stacks

One annoyance we've had with the Idealstack platform has been that AWS's ALB load balancers are quite limited.  They can only support  25 SSL certificates and 100 "rules" (each site consumes 3 rules if https is enabled, 2 otherwise).  This is annoying because Idealstack is all about offering higher densities of shared hosting and economies of scale, which max out when you max out the ALB, regardless of the size of the sites or how many instances you have.

Now a stack can have multiple load balancers.  These are automatically created when the platform detects that your existing ALB's are full.  When that happens a dropdown box will appear on sites letting you shuffle them around the load balancers.  This means there is no practical limit on the size of your strack (provided you keep adding enough instances to support all these sites).


More fine-grained control of SSL certs

Until recently, Idealstack handled SSL certs entirely itself and didn't give you any real over it.  But this is a bit limiting, it means you can't use SAN certificates, wildcard certificates etc.  So we've updated this so that for each domain associated with a site you can choose which cert to use.  You can still select for Idealstack to register certs for you, but in AWS's ACM system you can then set these certs up however you want.



Global SSH keys

Until recently you had to seperately setup your SSH key for each site you managed.  In most cases a small group of people manage all sites, so you now you can upload global keys with access to all your sites:

  1. Go to "Organazation" in the menu:
  2. Click "Add" and add your keys then save


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